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Machine Packing CD/DVD Case China Manufacturer 

Kingly Group is a DVD Case China manufacturer,offer Plastic DVD Storage Cases and CD Storage Cases, including Standard DVD Case, Slim DVD case, multiple DVD case, Machine Packing DVD Case, Standard CD Case,Slim Jewel Case, , Machine Packing CD Case, Plastic card case, PCMCIA card case, Business Card case,etc.

Now we have full ranges of DVD and CD Cases for all kinds of media packing. Our 14mm and 7mm machine Packing DVD case and 10.4mm machine packing CD case is suitable for Heino Illsman (Germany), Gima (Italy), Kyoto (Japan) and EAM (USA) Automatic Packing Machine. 90% of our cases are for export. Our DVD and CD Cases enjoy high reputation abroad due to its high quality and competitive price. 

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DVD Cases Introduction -DVD Cases is made of PP material, clear and superclear DVD Case is made of vergin PP material, and black DVD cases is made of recycled material or new material with black pigment. DVD Cases have two grade one is hand pack DVD cases, another is machine grade DVD Case. Hand pack grade DVD  cases is for packing DVDs  by hands. Machine packing DVD case can be used to put DVDs into the cases by machine.

DVD Cases has about 3 ranges, one is standard DVD Case with capacity for not more than two DVDs, the second range is Multiple DVD Case with capacity from 2 to 12 DVDs, and the third one is Small DVD Case or VCD Case which the length of the case is half of standard DVD Cases

VCD Case Introduction - VCD Case is a small case made of PP material, it has the half length of the DVD case, so it is also called small DVD case or half-size DVD case.

CD Cases Introduction -CD Case is made of PS material, because it looks like jewel, it is called CD jewel case. CD case also have two grade quality:  hand pack CD cases and machine packing CD cases. CD case has about 4 range: 10.4mm Standard CD case, 5.2mm Slim jewel case , 8cm mini CD case and mulitple CD case.

Other media packing Case- except DVD case and CD cases, there's business card case ( for name card ), Calendar case( for calendar sheet), C-shell Case, DVD-digi tray, CD Tray, Bluray Case, HD-DVD case, Video Library Case.

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